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I heard this was an 80s club. Do you play 80s music all the time?

While our concept is 80s/90s themed, our venue aims to offer a diverse range of music genres. We do host 80s and 90s events very often though, so refer to our Events page to find tickets to something that suits your flavor!

Where is Thundercat Lounge Located?

747 W. Van Buren Street, Phoenix, 85007

Where can I park?

We have street parking adjacent to the venue that is always free. Additionally there is a parking structure attached that currently has free parking 24 hours a day. We always recommend having a designated driver if you plan to park on property!

What type of payment does Thundercat lounge accept?

The bar accepts Cash, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. There is NOT an ATM onsite.

I think I might have left my card at Thundercat Lounge last night. How should I check to see if it’s still there?

All items found will be kept for two weeks before being donated. Please speak with a manager or bartender in the bar anytime during our regular business hours to collect your items. We can not guarantee that anything left behind will be found and secured.

Is Thundercat Lounge hiring currently?

At this time we are not hiring new team members.

Drinking & Age


How old do you have to be to attend events at Thundercat Lounge?

Thundercat Lounge is a 21+ venue.

Is there any current COVID protocols in place?

At this time we have no COVID-19 requirements that guests must follow. We will adjust our policies based on Arizona State Law mandates should they occur.

Do I need an I.D. to enter?

Yes. Thundercat Lounge is a venue that serves alcohol and it is very important for us to verify that guests who plan on drinking are of legal drinking age. In compliance with Arizona State Law, anyone 21 and older who plans on drinking alcohol will have to show a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID; regardless of how old you look!

Do you allow (in-and-out) reentry privileges?

In most cases, Guests over the age of 21+ can enter and exit as long the venue is not at capacity. There are some instances where touring artists do not allow reentry to their shows and we’ll follow those guidelines when necessary.

Do you allow outside food or beverage?

Outside food is permitted. Outside beverages are not permitted.

Does Thundercat have a dress code?

Smart (reliable) footwear is strongly encouraged as this is venue with an active dance space, which can become very busy. Proper traction for your feet and protection for your toes can be helpful. As expected, bottoms and tops are required. We promote an upscale 80’s club atmosphere and encourage guests to dress with that in mind. Otherwise, dress as you’d like! We encourage you to be you (as long as you are kind)!

What is Thundercat’s bag policy?
  • Bags up to 12” x 6” x 12” are allowed in the venue.
  • All bags will be searched before entry.
  • Bags that are not clear may be subject to additional search.

As a security measure, we do not allow backpacks or oversized bags. We also do not offer storage for guests.

What items are NOT allowed inside Thundercat Lounge?


  • Air Horns or Noisemakers
  • Audio Recording Devices
  • Chairs
  • Chains or Chain Wallets
  • Detachable Lens Cameras
  • Drones
  • Fireworks or Explosives
  • Flashlights
  • Glass or Metal Containers
  • Illegal Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Laser Pointers
  • Pepper Spray or Mace
  • Replicas of any type of weapon
  • Sharpies, Markers, or Paint Pens
  • Video Cameras
  • Professional (Detachable lens) Cameras
  • Weapons or Sharp Objects of Any Kind


How and when do you announce new events?

Our concert calendar is updated constantly – as soon as we can announce the show, information we be posted and changes in line ups or times are updated when needed. Check out our Events page to see a whole list of events!

How do I get tickets for an upcoming event?

Check out our events calendar or purchase directly from our TicketWeb page.

When should I arrive for the event or show?

As soon as possible! The time listed on your ticket is when the event starts. Please keep in mind that times are always subject to change. We strongly suggest checking the website for the most up to date times possible.

Is there seating at Thundercat Lounge?

The only indoor seating located in Thundercat Lounge are our eight VIP Tables with Booth style seating. You can reserve a VIP Table through our VIP Coordinator by contacting vip@thundercatloungephx.com. There is limited bench seating outside on our lively patio that is first come first serve for those enjoying our outdoor space.

I’m an up and coming local DJ and would love to play at Thundercat! Who do I talk to?

We are always looking for various local artists to fill our lineup. We host DJs, electronic generic specific nights, artist touring acts, comedy shows, and various full-sized (multi-genre) shows. We have something for everyone!

For more information, send us a message from our contact page. Please remember to include a link to your music, reference similar artists to your work, and any upcoming show you think you might fit for so we can check you out!

How do I get a photo or media pass?

All requests for media and photo passes must go through the artist’s publicist or label directly. Thundercat Lounge cannot issue media and photo passes. Only media and photo passes that have been submitted by the artist will be honored.

Do you rent out Thundercat Lounge for events?

Thundercat’s primary focus is to bring great local and national artists to the people of Phoenix and its surrounding areas. You can rent out our entire space by sending us a message on our contact page. We open our doors to various types of events. We host charitable organizations, burlesque shows, fashion shows, corporate meetings, birthdays, awards ceremonies, and more!



What if I want to book your venue for a photo shoot?

Our affordable photo lounge rental is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Our venue is artfully decorated with 80s retro vibes. The main room is all about recreating the look and feel of the 1980s retro vibes. Our mission is to provide an affordable space to take professional photos in our 80s venue! Our idea is that anyone could just pick up a camera and shoot, it’s that easy!

We have 24-hour security cameras recording inside the lounge space, so please use the restroom for changing.

What hours can I book a photo shoot?

Wednesday – Friday: 10a – 4p

How much does it cost to book a photo shoot?

$75 per hour (2 hrs min.), the rate included the use of all our furniture and props.

Is Thundercat Lounge handicap accessible?

Yes, Thundercat Lounge is handicapped accessible.

Can I smoke in the venue?

Smoking is not allowed inside the venue. Arizona has a smoking ban in enclosed workplaces. However, patrons are allowed outside to smoke outside on our patio. Please be courteous when it comes to smoking or vaping. Being discrete with your vape device can help ensure you do not have any problems in this regard.

Are Firearms allowed in the venue?

No. Firearms are not allowed in Thundercat Lounge. This is pursuant to A.R.S. § 4-229.

Can you suggest a hotel nearby?